Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Consumerism and resisting an Equal Money System

Within an Equal Money System it is imperative that we will be looking at what is best for nature and the animal kingdom – so that we can live here on earth within mutual respect for all that is here, in this respecting ourselves as living beings that are part of life as the ‘earth experience’. This however implies that we will have to give up consumerism – as consumerism is the expression of absolute disrespect towards everything and everyone. Within consumerism not only nature and the animals pay the toll and get abused but also many of our fellow human beings are forced into degrading labor to keep the consumerism-machine going and many countries are being ‘sucked dry’ by the rich and wealthy consumerist countries, leaving the beings living in these unfortunate countries with little or no resources to take care of themselves and each other.

As evidently appalling as this reality of consumerism that exists today is, it is still used by people as a reason for why they do not want to have an EMS – because ‘I may have to give up some of my desires’, when it is in fact these desires that we’ve grown so accustomed to and to which we’ve defined ‘who we are’, that are the very things making ‘the earth experience’ a living hell for many beings.

Desires weren’t even supposed to exist in the first place – as they are the source of abuse. When we desire/want something or someone, as what is supported in consumerism, we don’t actually consider the reality of that which we desire/want, we don’t consider life as the life in another being – we only consider ‘what ‘I’ want/desire’ as ‘my own personal feeling’ wherein ‘I want this so I can feel good so I must have this now’, so then we will do whatever it takes to ‘have’/’get’/’take’ that thing/being that we want/desire and often this will lead to manipulation, lies, deceit and corruption because we are willing to do anything to fulfill our desires and we will close our eyes to the abuse that is the result of it just so that we can continue fulfilling our desires.

This consumerist ‘mentality’/’attitude’ as wants and desires as who we believe ourselves to be, is however mostly cultivated by our up-bringing as what our environment has taught and shown us. We in the west (=the wealthy countries) have been ‘pampered’ by the industries that sell us their products – we were born into this consumerist system of apparent abundance so since childhood we’ve lived in a system where, if you have the money, which most of us do, you are ‘king’. Stores and shops go out of their way to make everything as easy and comfortable for the customer as possible, because within this capitalist society, the customer is king. So a lot of unnecessary waste has been created to produce wrappings, bags, containers, commercials, etcetera to make the customer feel good about the product and want to buy it more. So products these days are being specifically designed to play in to the human beings desires and wants and to create even more desires/wants – all in the name of profit.

The companies present us with a beautiful picture and depiction of ‘reality’ and ‘life’ to instigate and feed a good/nice/positive feeling within us as the customer – while in fact at the same time they are trashing and abusing the actual real reality as nature and the animal kindom and other human beings to do so. So things are in fact all in reverse – while we are indulged in good, positive and nice feelings about ourselves and the world that are supported by commercials and the entertainment industry, the opposite is actually going on and we have actually become the biggest destroyers/abusers known to Earth.

So, indeed an Equal Money System implies that we will have to stop our abuse – for the benefit of all life, as we will be looking at how to live here in this world as all of humanity together within respect for each other and respect for nature. We are going to have to become ‘accustomed’ to new ways of living – instead of living within constantly trying to fulfill personal desires and wants and in this being ignorant to the consequences of our actions on the planet and on other beings that are also here, we will have to look at and investigate how to live within respect for life as the Earth. This will be a learning process, as we’ve never actually practically done this.

It is important to realize that we have never practically lived within respect for life because it seemed as though we never had to, as we are currently living in a system wherein we abdicate our responsibility in this world and place it in the hands of ‘our government’ as ‘the leaders’, assuming that they know best and they will do ‘the right thing’ and we can just continue as is – obviously we haven’t realized that the destruction/abuse of the planet is not at the hands of ‘our government’ but it is all of us collectively as each one individually, that have been participating within ignorant consumerist behavior by not taking self-responsibility for our presence here. This means that in an EMS, there will be no ‘government’ as ‘leaders’ that apparently ‘stand above’ everyone else and make the decisions and apparently ‘take care of everything’ – yes, there will be a ‘management’ as a logistics ‘organ’ that is specifically in place to direct practical points within society though not from the perspective of it being a ‘higher power’ that will take responsibility for us and that we can blindly trust to decide what needs to be done for us, as how things are today – we will have to make an effort because that is what is required within taking responsibility. And, really, up to this point we have been acting/living like spoiled children that are completely clueless to how the world functions and who we are within it, yet we’ve believed ourselves to be superior and know everything there is to know so in this way our stupidity, ignorance and blindness is justified.

In an EMS each one individually will be educated to be able to stand as an actual respecting, respectful being that is able to take responsibility, a being that can be trusted with life – because we realize that life is in the hands of all of us, of each one individually. So it will be a process at first to come to terms with what we’ve allowed in this world by having allowed ourselves to become ignorant, and to align ourselves with what is best for all, because ‘the EMS’ is not like ‘capitalism’, ‘socialism’, ‘communism’, and all other ‘isms’ as a system that apparently functions on itself and that simply requires us to trust and follow it as if it will take responsibility for us (which it clearly hasn’t) – the EMS requires the active participation of each one of us, because we ARE the EMS, the EMS IS us, as that is the only way to bring about a world that is best for all, is if all participate.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Consumerism and Education

When we have a look at how children are being ‘raised’ and ‘educated’, we may notice that they are being spun a lot of bullshit – that is very blatantly displayed by the media, such as television, where everything is a lie, everything is fairytales and make-believes. Children are being presented a beautiful, magical, pretty world where everyone and everything is happy and smiling and singing about happiness, love and joy, where animals and plants can talk and sing and everything has a ‘happy end’. Just have a look at ‘Disneyworld’, the number one children’s theme park, and Disney movies, the number one children’s television entertainment – it is all fairytales, none of it has even remotely got anything to do with the reality.

It is even so that if you have a look at what is going on in this world today, the fairytales that are being sold to children are the complete opposite of the real world. And then there is Santa Clause and Halloween, and all other holidays that function as an excuse for children to get presents and candy and money, that have a ‘fairytale’ legend/story around it to make it seem as though it isn’t just about buying and consuming and having, wanting, needing and feeding the consumerist mentality in the children, as the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ mentality.

Spinning bullshit before children is commonly accepted as ‘normal’ and apparently even required – when considering the amounts of lies that parents tell their children, on the one hand to make/keep the child happy and on the other hand to apparently ‘protect them from the truth’. For example with regards to sex/sexuality – parents seem to be almost incapable of just saying it how it is, so they make up stories such as ‘babies come out of cauliflowers’ or ‘babies are delivered by a stork’, ‘they come falling out of the sky’ and whatever other stories that parents may come up with in their fantasy. Because apparently children need to be protected from the truth about how this physical reality works.

Parents themselves can also enjoy themselves in telling lies to their children – the enjoyable factor being seeing the look on the Child’s face that believes every word the parent says, seeing just how much power the parent actually has over the child. That is in fact the truth about these ‘little lies’ that parents tell their children – from ‘where children come from’ to Santa Clause – it is the abuse of power by the parent to satisfy some twisted desire to feel powerful. This is very obviously justified by parents and by society in various forms where children are being presented as these ‘dumb, naïve beings who will believe anything you tell them’ and because they are apparently so ‘dumb and naïve’, for some reason they have to be told lies, because ‘they wouldn’t be able to handle the nasty truth about this reality – about what actually goes on in this world’.

Clearly we (adults/parents) don’t seem to realize that children are who/what we make of them – they become what we teach/feed them, so if we keep them in a private little world of candy and presents and if we pretend as if Disney is real, then we are creating beings that will not be able to stand in this world/reality and take responsibility for it because they are not even part of this reality as they were never shown reality as how it really is. What we parents don’t seem to realize is that the kids of today will become the adults of tomorrow – they will become our lawyers, politicians, doctors, parents, scientists. So what and how we are teaching these beings now, especially during the first 7 years of their lives wherein they are so pliable, will shape the world of the future.

If we dare to open our eyes to how we treat/teach our children (= as if they are ‘dumb and naïve’) then we can see the kind of adults we are creating – which is beings that do not see the world as it really is, because apparently they are too weak to handle it, and who then go and create a made-up world that will make them feel good about themselves, as what we are doing for them at this moment and as what we are doing for ourselves as well, within consumerism, because this has also been the way that our parents have raised us – as beings who are weak, dumb and naïve, who are not able to truly take responsibility for themselves and this world and who need to be ‘pacified’ and ‘sweetened’.

So, what of this idea that we seem to have about children that they can’t handle the reality and that they apparently need to be ‘sweetened’, that they need Santa clause and Disney movies and theme parks – apparently a child needs to feel happy and therefore it needs to be lied to about reality and the world that they live in because this world/reality is not a happy one. Have we forgotten that we were the ones who came up with the concept of ‘happiness’ in the first place? because when you look at a baby or a small child, they are quite satisfied on their own. They never asked for television, Disneyworld, stuffed animals, toys, candy and birthday parties – it was us who introduced them to it, us as this entire reality, as everything in our society is saturated with this kind of ‘child entertainment’.

Parents will often feel obligated to participate in this consumerism behavior that is being forced onto children through the media and entertainment, because they cannot send their children to school without having them come in contact with other children who display their products and tell everyone else about their parents who give them every new toy that appears on television. At school is where children, through other children, are being introduced to the ‘ways of this world’, wherein everything seems to be a competition of having always more and better and newer stuff. As all children just want to be part of the group, they will without questioning, simply copy the other children – as a behavior that they have subconsciously copied from their parents. And then parent will feel obligated to also buy unnecessary shit for their child because they wouldn’t want them to be unhappy – as in ‘not being accepted by the other children’ and ‘not getting positive attention’, not realizing that it is this belief that our children need to feel happy (as a conditional inner experience) that we have taught them as if it were the reality. When in fact this ‘happiness’ is the fairytale/fake reality that we have spun/shown/told them because we looked down on our children by for some reason believing that they are ‘too small and too innocent’ to see and handle reality.

It shouldn’t be difficult to see and realize that one will only be ‘unable’ to handle reality when they are not in fact in reality, when they are not educated about the workings of reality and when they are being kept in the loop of what is actually going on. How we see our children is in fact who we ourselves have become, believing ourselves to be too weak and dumb to be able to handle reality and take responsibility for this entire world – so that is how we will treat our children, and within this continue the cycle of ignorance and stupidity that lies at the heart of all the problems that we face currently in our human society/world.

So, how about instead of us introducing the new generations of this world to the same lies and bullshit that we have been sucked into – we present them with the truth and in this we take responsibility for creating the new human being of the world as one that is capable of actually solving the problems and who will not attempt to escape into a fake-reality like consumerism as a pacifier/sweetener due to a lack of confidence and common sense, which will obviously only make matters worse.

How about we get over our own inferiority-issues as the desire for power that cause us to not see our children as equals, and therefore not realize the consequences of our behavior towards them.

We do not need to continue like this anymore – change is possible.

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