Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Planned Obsolescence is the Saving Grace of Capitalism

Why do we not have one standard of every product – for instance light bulbs or batteries or clothes – why do we have the cheap ones and the expensive ones, with the only thing making a difference between the two is that the cheap ones will break more easily? In the name of capitalism and profit this can easily be justified and understood – because in capitalism we have to keep the corporate machine going, we have to keep the economy going as the continuous production of products on a massive scale, day and night, seven days a week.

If all products were built to last, our economy as it exists today would collapse, most corporations would make a lot less profit, so lots of people would lose their jobs and so the money system would collapse as more people would become poor. So in a way this planned obsolescence is what keeps our economic system in place, is what makes sure that we all have a job and money in our pockets. So from the viewpoint of trying to survive in this capitalist system, we’d say this is ‘good’.

However if we look at our system and what it’s consequences are on our environment and on who and what we are becoming as the consumerist mentality – we’d have to notice that it’s not ‘all good/right’ – because how can a system that is built and dependent on planned obsolescence as the creation of massive unnecessary and polluting waste that is destroying the very planet we live on be ‘right’ or ‘good’? In fact it is completely absurd. Consumerism as planned obsolescence is the backbone of capitalism, we need consumerism to have our economy going, because without our stuff breaking so easily, and without people believing that they need all sorts of stuff that is constantly being invented by corporations, there wouldn’t be all those factories, businesses and corporations that we have right now to employ all of us so that we can make money that we then in turn spend on buying products that we believe we need.

Products like the light bulb are deliberately being made with a very short life span, so as to keep people buying lamps. And in every market of goods there is a ‘fashion’, wherein products simply go ‘out of fashion’ from one season to the next – so as to keep people buying ‘the latest fashion’. This is the ‘consumerist mentality’ wherein human beings become consuming machines, so used to buying, taking, getting and having much more than they need and so used to easily throwing things away, because ‘why not, I can just go buy a new one as it is so cheap’.

Now at first glance there isn’t really a problem with this, and the beings who inserted this ‘planned obsolescence’ into society weren’t trying to create an ‘evil plan’ to take advantage of people, they were just doing what they felt was necessary to keep the economy going and obviously to get people to buy more products – and everybody will (apparently) benefit. Though the ‘evil’ and ‘abuse’ in planned obsolescence, in consumerism and in capitalism is the one most important, most crucial and all determining point that was also the one point that was missed. And that point is earth, that point is life as earth and the animal kingdom – we never gave them much head, as we have since the dawn of our existence been taking everything for granted that is here.

Though now finally we are being faced with the consequences of the biggest mistake that we have ever made, which is to disregard the earth and the animals – because we never realized that the products that we buy and consume from the food on our plates to the clothes on our backs to the bricks or wooden logs that make up the house that we live in to the money we hold in our hands all come from the earth, they are the earth, even we ourselves as the human physical body is of the earth and cannot exist without all that is here.

This is the extent to which we human beings are disconnected from what is actually real, because we have been treating life as earth as the physical reality as if it doesn’t even exist by using and abusing it as we see fit and not ever taking into consideration what effect our every action has on all that is here and not realizing that the physical reality as nature it is in fact the only thing that really exist, because without it we wouldn’t be here.

For some reason we were always so blind an ignorant to actually believe that ‘because earth doesn’t object, or earth doesn’t put a price tag on her resources and the animals don’t really seem to fight back, we can just take everything we want’, because somehow we have always seen earth and the animals as ‘nature’ as something that is separate from ourselves, as ‘something out there’ with which we apparently can just do whatever we want. We never realized that the reason why earth or the animals never ‘objected’ or told us what we can or cannot do, is because they are us, nature is us and we are nature – so we were obviously assumed to be aware of who we are as a part of life, as life itself, and to therefore simply treat all that is here with respect, within the realization that we are here as a part of all that is here.

Yet, we saw/see ourselves as ‘the human being’, as an apparent ‘superior’ being that exist somehow ‘above’ nature as earth and the animals – when really that is but an idea, a belief that is not actually real. Because if we have a look at the actual reality and the way it works and our place in it, we’d have to come to terms with the fact that really we’re just a part of the whole physical reality that exist here, and as such it is our duty to consider the whole in everything we do. Though instead of doing that, we have always been living in this fictional belief that because we call ourselves ‘human’, we are some kind of ‘special being’ apparently ‘made specially by God’ and so we can treat nature as inferior – and now our ignorance to what is actually reality is coming to bite us in the ass, as we are now being faced with the consequences of what we have been creating and participating in for eons of time as human beings, by having believed ourselves to be ‘superior’ and to apparently not have to consider any other life form but ourselves.

We have been destroying, polluting, draining, exploiting and depredating earth and all that is here like crazy, without ever having considered anything but our own personal ‘special’ desires – and in this we have shaken up earth’s natural processes and self sustaining abilities to the point of no return. So we are completely self-responsible for our impending doom, our inevitable demise as ‘the human race’ – as we will be faced with the reality of the physical, which is that we were never ‘special’, yet within believing that we were somehow special and therefore didn’t need to care about anything/anyone but ourselves we have in fact become the world’s biggest abusers. And so we will inevitably be wiped out as earth is trying to restore itself again and we are in fact not superior but quite inferior creatures.

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