Friday, October 28, 2011

Will we accept an Equal Money System?

So, the important question is: Do we need all of this? Do we really need all the stuff that we are at the moment consuming?

That is an important question to consider when looking at the implementation of an EMS, because ‘Why aren’t we living in an EMS already?’ – is it because we actually need consumerism? Do we really need to consume at this rate?

Because, I assume that we wouldn’t be living in this current system, if we did not want it this way. And if we agree with our current system of consumerism, then we also agree with the consequences thereof, which is that we all have to work to keep up with producing the products that we so desire, and to keep on inventing more and more ‘new’ products to consume, so that we can live in our secluded little bubble wherein we can satisfy our own personal desires, completely separate and shut off from the rest of the world, consuming the products that are created in this world, and we also do our part by going to work five days to seven for pretty much our entire lives. And so by everybody working constantly in this society, we are able to keep our consummation–level high, because products are being produced at a high rate, as there are ‘night workers’ in every factory as well. This is what exists currently, so that means that this is what we want, this is our will in action. We want stress, fear, anxiety, depression, worries, exhaustion, burn-out, tiredness, headaches, ulcers, poverty and fear thereof – so that we can have our excitement, desires, positivity, ‘shop-till-you-drop’-ing, fame, Hollywood, celebrities, strive for success, competition, medals, prizes, promotions, lottery, kings, queens, religions, and so on.

This is what we allow reality to be, a reality wherein we exist in constant fear of losing our money, because we know that the system will not take care of us if we do, people will reject us, society will reject us, because we all look down on those who have nothing, which is due to our consumerist mentality of desiring ‘more’ and ‘higher’, only respecting, admiring, liking and noticing those with money.

It’s a sad thing to realize that this is the world that we dreamed for ourselves, that this is apparently the best we can do. That we are apparently unable and incapable of stopping starvation, war and poverty, when this world is in our very hands. We glorify ‘the human’ so much, we see the human as ‘more special’ than all other life forms – if this is true then why can’t we seem to sort out this shit on our planet? If we are so ‘evolved’ then why are we so stuck in our current system that is spiraling out of control? - inevitably falling to its destruction, as its very nature as consumerism isn’t in fact practically livable, because we’re taking more than we give back, not realizing that there’s only one planet, so it will only be able to give what it receives.

In an Equal Money System, we will no longer HAVE TO work - we will work obviously to be able to produce what we need to in fact survive in this reality, but at a minimum, because consumerism will no longer be supported. So, looking at our current system, as what I described before, we may have a problem, because our ‘human nature’ that apparently ‘needs’ to consume, does not in fact correlate with what an EMS presents. What the current reality show us is that, in spite of all the stress, fears, anxiety, depressions, illnesses, poverty, abuse, war, and all other problems that we face in our world today, we do not see a reason to stop, we simply don’t seem to be interested in stopping and turning a new page, because apparently being able to consume is much more important than stopping the bullshit that comes with it, even if it means the destruction of the very planet that we live on, and much of the beings on it as well, and of our physical bodies that are being polluted from every angle.

How will the human handle equality? Is the human capable of accepting/living equality? Is the human able/willing to stop its destructive nature? – or will we continue to accept it as ‘our nature’?

It is time to truly honor our ‘human nature’ as beings who are able to create. Time to create heaven on earth instead of the hell that we have created thus far. Time for an Equal Money System that will respect and honor all life, to prove to ourselves that we are in fact capable of much more than consumerism.


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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Consumerism as destruction of Earth – Can we blame Corporations?

What has already become obvious to all of us is that we are depleting the earth and polluting the earth, due to consumerism.

Because of our individual desire to consume, we don’t care about the environment, so the pollution of earth is what we allow to exist in reality. Thus it is no wonder that the corporations that sell us the products we desire to consume don’t care about the environment, because we don’t.

Do we really expect the corporations to go and say ‘hey but wait a moment, we need to be kind to nature and make sure we don’t pollute when creating products’? That is just na├»ve of us to assume and expect that, because if we take an honest look at ourselves as our consumerist behavior wherein we only really consider our personal desire for consuming things and NOT the environment, then we see what it is that we truly expect from the corporations, and that is to just make sure that we, the consumers, get what we want, and that we get it ASAP, no matter what kind of measures/materials have to be used to make/get it, no matter if earth gets polluted. Because when it really comes down to it, we consider our desires as superior to life as earth and we would not be willing to give up our desires so that earth has a chance to ‘breathe’. If we were really willing to give up our desires to give life/earth a chance, we would have already done so, yet here we are.

So, it is easy to go and point the finger of blame at the corporations that are in fact polluting and depleting earth on a massive scale, because, yes they are the ones actually creating the products and taking from the earth what they need to be able to create all of the plastic that is required to make the wrappings of our precious products and then dumping the used plastic back to the earth, in this destroying entire ecosystems. Though we need to be serious here in the point of why these corporations take to such destructive measures in the first place, because it is in fact because of the consumer’s lack of patience and desire for new shit, always faster and faster and more and more, in always more variations, that the corporations as people starting a business that want to earn money by selling a product feel the need to keep up with the consumers wants, needs and desires because if they don’t they’ll go bankrupt. So in a way the producers feel forced to not care about what is best for nature or the animals when they use nature and the animals in producing their products, because the consumer with it’s never ending needs, wants and desires , won’t let them.

Also the consumer will in most cases only go for the cheapest, easiest way to obtain/purchase a product as we only really care about the money in our pockets, and that will always be a product that is made within abusing the earth/animals as this particular company that made the cheap product only looks at what is the fastest/easiest/cheapest way to create a product so that it can sell the product cheap so that everyone will want to buy the product. This way of looking at creating products inevitably leads to abuse as what is actually best for life as the earth and all beings existing on it is not considered because that would take time to investigate, research and experiment. And in the current system time is money…

So because the consumer will mostly go for the cheapest product, because the consumer does not actually consider what is best for life as he/she is too busy blaming the corporations for the abuse of earth and the beings on it, there exist a competition between companies that sell the same product, as all the other companies will also feel the need to ‘keep up’ as in creating their products faster and cheaper otherwise everyone will buy from the ‘other guy’ whose products are the cheapest leaving them not earning enough money to survive, so then obviously this results in pretty much all corporations/companies that create products abusing earth/life.

This is a vicious cycle wherein the corporations producing the products only support the desires within the consumers, because they adhere to them, the corporations look at ‘what do human beings WANT and DESIRE’ because they too just want to earn money to be able to survive in this world. And so because the consumer is only supported in his/her desires and wants, he/she will only want more and more and more, and that is what is busy happening in the world currently.

More and more and more products are being created, there is always more exotic and different foods found in the supermarket that wasn’t here a few years ago and especially with regards to technology as computers, cell phones and all sorts of applications that are constantly ‘evolving’ and ‘changing’ in a faster pace than ever before. This is all due to this ‘vicious cycle’ wherein human beings are only supported in their ever growing desires and wants, that in turn supports the corporations as the producers to feel the need to produce more and more shit, because it is what the human wants/desires. It is obvious that this system can only end in self destruction as the desires of the human as their ‘consumerist behavior’ will accumulate to such an extent that it will devour the planet we exist on.

If you are ready to change this ‘upside down’ system that we have created as human beings, and to implement a system that actually supports and respects life as earth, animals and human beings equally, then visit:

Friday, October 14, 2011

what does consumerism tell/show us about ourselves?

Consumerism is part of the system that we live and function in, it exists because we exist, it exists because of our participation in it. Perhaps the structures of society were founded before we were born, we didn’t actually physically create them, but we participate in them and in this we allow them to continue existing, so that means that we agree with how the current system is structured and operating, because we never stopped it. Therefore, this consumerist system shows us the kind of beings that we are, it shows us 'the nature of ourselves' as it is a reflection/presentation of what each human being participating/existing in this system is allowing to exist within themselves.

So, agreeing with how the current system is structured and operating means that we agree with and support the abuse of planet earth so that we can feel good in buying our favorite foods, clothes and doing what we like and what makes us feel good about ourselves. We agree with the excessive and brutal killing/slaughtering/butchering of animals as what happens in every country to supply us/the people with meat so we can have our ‘hot summers day afternoon – barbeques with our friends’ that give us the good feeling we so desire and enjoy. We agree with all the consequences of our participation in the consumerist system, which is for example globalization, wherein Africa for instance is able to be accessed easily and sucked dry by the rich ‘colonialist’ countries so that we could consume and feel happy and lucky and all the people living in Africa are left to rot in the mess that we left behind in our search for producing more products so that we can consume more.

To sum up what consequences we agree to within our allowance of the existence of consumerism, in one word is ‘abuse’, in all ways imaginable. Because consumerism and ‘consuming’ implies a desire/want/need to have/take/get always more and more and more. It is taking without giving and this can only end in abuse as we will take what we want without considering anything besides our own personal wants/needs/desires. Now in this I am only looking at the word ‘consumerism’ and ‘consuming’ in itself as what we use to describe ourselves within and as the system that we live in, we are ‘consumers’ in a ‘consumerist’ system as capitalism.

Within our consumerist society/world, our personal desires come first and we have created and allowed the creation and existence of a system that is based on trying to fulfill those ‘personal desires’ that we deem so important and from this system, within the ‘consumerist mentality’, we go into the world and take what we want to have to fulfill certain desires within ourselves, we take advantage of and pray on the weak, justifying our behavior with statements and beliefs like ‘survival of the fittest’ or by simply refusing to look at what is happening in the world as the abuse that the system that I am participating in is creating. Africa especially has become our ‘milking cow’ that serves to maintain our ability to satisfy our desires and addictions as the lives that we in the ‘wealthy countries’ are living.

We have glorified this ‘consumerist society’ as the ‘capitalist system’ to such an extent that we truly believe our personal desires to be who we truly are, we believe that ‘who I am’ is defined by ‘what I want’ and ‘what I like’, not realizing that in order to fulfill my desires, I have to TAKE something from this world. And in this I do not even ask myself ‘where does it all come from?’. And because we refuse to ask ourselves this simple question, we don’t see and we don’t want to see the effects and consequences of our consumerist behavior on this planet and the beings in it.

Are we honestly this blind? Do we really not see? How is it that we cannot do the simple math as the realization that there is only one planet – with billions of people – so if we are all taking without giving = destruction of our one planet?

So, what consumerism shows/tells us about ourselves is:

1. That we are abusers as we allow the abuse of beings in this world to continue as a consequence of consumerism, while we ‘turn a blind eye’ for the sake of feeling good about satisfying our personal desires

2. That we are blind because we do not see the reality as what is actually happening in this world because apparently we still seem to find reasons for feeling good and happy and positive about ourselves and the world, while reality shows us the opposite

3. That we are dumb because we cannot make the simple equation of seeing where and how our individual behavior supports the collective actions and how that affects everyone and everything that is here in this world

Finally, it shows us that we have to stop ourselves, we have to stop our desires, we have to stop who and what we have allowed ourselves to become, which is consuming machines/robots that have a complete disregard for all life. We have to stop holding onto this belief that for some reason, just because we are ‘human’ and because we can think, feel and experience emotions, we are ‘special’ and ‘superior’ to all other life forms because apparently we were created by ‘God’ with a special purpose. We need to really get over ourselves as the ego that we have become as it is just that: ego, selfishness, as what can be seen of ourselves as our actions in this world.

Join us in the re-education of ourselves in how we see the world, teach yourself to see the world through ‘real-eyes’ and ‘real-ize’ yourself as who you truly are, which is life as one and equal with all life that exist. Stop yourself as the ego and stand up as life!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Who is to blame for consumerism?

so the big question is: where does the word ‘consumerism’/’consumer’ come from, who invented this word, and who decided that it would be the primary focus point that lies at the heart of our experience within the society that we live in?

when we look at society, we see that ‘consumerism’ is but a result/side effect/consequential outflow of the ‘capitalist system’ as the monetary system that we ‘agreed to’ live in, for the following reason: in this system everything basically revolves around getting money, where it is each on their own on our quest for money as ‘personal happiness’. From this starting point of ‘each on their own’ in getting money, with money being something that you cannot just take or make but something that you have to get and receive from other people/the system, it is a small step for people to go and manipulate/deceive other people in more or less subtle ways to ensure that we actually get money.

To some level this is what every being in the capitalist system does, because we all just want to survive and if our survival depends on other people giving us money, then why not ensure the chances of actually getting money by for example ‘putting on a smiling face’ to make other people happy, or by being friendly, polite, nice, positive, happy, etc… to make other people feel good so they will want to make us feel good by giving us the money we want (by employing/hiring us or buying from our store or whatever it is).

This is though also what lies at the root of the manipulation, deception and cheating that’s being done to us by the major corporations that are in charge of providing us with the food we eat or the clothes we wear, the house we live in, the electricity we use, etc… because these ‘major corporations’ are also just people who want money. And if there is one addiction that we all have, it is money, we are all addicted to money, we all want it and as much as possible because we all just want to feel safe and secure and that is what money can provide for us in this reality: a safe/secure future. Therefore we cannot blame the corporations for cheating us, manipulating and deceiving us because if we were in their shoes, we would do exactly the same, because we’re already doing the same on a smaller scale towards the people in our own environment.

So, where does ‘consumerism’ come in? how did ‘consumerism’ come to be in this capitalist system and what place does consumerism take in the capitalist system?

First of all, the capitalist system, as the system that we ‘chose’ to live and experience ourselves in, revolves around our personal ‘capital’, meaning that which we have that gives us ‘value’, and that is at the current moment ‘money’. In other words, the capitalist system is by definition a system wherein you/your life are/is only as valuable as the ‘capital’ that you have, so a being living in this system is only as valuable as the money that it has. From when we were children we were taught by our parents and grandparents that being poor is ‘bad’ and that having sufficient and preferably more than sufficient money is ‘good’, so we have come to connect energetic charges within ourselves to the amount of money that we have, a more positive ‘higher’ energetic charge as a ‘good feeling’ the more money you have/earn.

because our lives is all about ‘capital’, we will define ourselves to the ‘capital’ that we ‘have’, which is all the stuff that ‘I’ call ‘mine’, that is ‘my’ capital, ‘my’ value in this reality because I live in a system that will only measure the value of my life according to the capital that I have.

So ‘I’ feel exited and somehow ‘uplifted’ as this energy within myself , when I look at MY house, the money in MY bank account, my children, my clothes, my image that I see when I look in the mirror, my garden, my books, my furniture, etc… when looking at all the stuff that I call ‘mine’, that I have purchased with MY money, I feel good inside, because I have allowed myself to believe that all the stuff I call ‘mine’ and thus define myself with, actually gives me a ‘value’, hence the ‘good/exiting feeling’ I experience when looking at ‘my’ stuff, so then I believe that ‘the more stuff I have that I can call/define as ‘mine’, the more value I have and the more valuable I will feel’.

Thus our desire for shopping and the constant need for ‘consuming’ that is where ‘consumerism’ comes from, because we’re actually looking to add value to ourselves, believing that it is the stuff we have that we can call ‘mine’, that determines the value of ourselves in this reality. Which is in fact an illusion as it is but an energetic reaction within ourselves attached to a word ‘mine’, an illusion that causes the never ending consumption of human beings because the funny thing about a feeling/energetic reaction is that it only lasts a few seconds or minutes and then it is gone, and when it is gone we only desire to again experience that energetic reaction/good feeling within ourselves as the illusion of ‘adding value to ourselves’ by buying more stuff that we can then define as ‘mine’.

So ‘consumerism’, from this perspective, is not just ‘the system’, it is in fact the people within the system and how they have allowed themselves to define the value of their life according to what is prescribed by the system that they live in and that supports them, which is their ‘capital’ in the capitalist system. We, as citizens of a capitalist system, have allowed ourselves to become programmed by the values as ‘rules’ that were designed within the capitalist system, which is basically that ‘you are only worth as much as what is in your bank account and the stuff you ‘have’’.

How this capitalist system with its twisted values came to be and why and how we allowed such a ruthless system to exist, is an entire book in itself that I will not be going into here.

Investigate the system of consumerism and participate in creating the solution to end all abuse in this world, join us at: