Friday, October 28, 2011

Will we accept an Equal Money System?

So, the important question is: Do we need all of this? Do we really need all the stuff that we are at the moment consuming?

That is an important question to consider when looking at the implementation of an EMS, because ‘Why aren’t we living in an EMS already?’ – is it because we actually need consumerism? Do we really need to consume at this rate?

Because, I assume that we wouldn’t be living in this current system, if we did not want it this way. And if we agree with our current system of consumerism, then we also agree with the consequences thereof, which is that we all have to work to keep up with producing the products that we so desire, and to keep on inventing more and more ‘new’ products to consume, so that we can live in our secluded little bubble wherein we can satisfy our own personal desires, completely separate and shut off from the rest of the world, consuming the products that are created in this world, and we also do our part by going to work five days to seven for pretty much our entire lives. And so by everybody working constantly in this society, we are able to keep our consummation–level high, because products are being produced at a high rate, as there are ‘night workers’ in every factory as well. This is what exists currently, so that means that this is what we want, this is our will in action. We want stress, fear, anxiety, depression, worries, exhaustion, burn-out, tiredness, headaches, ulcers, poverty and fear thereof – so that we can have our excitement, desires, positivity, ‘shop-till-you-drop’-ing, fame, Hollywood, celebrities, strive for success, competition, medals, prizes, promotions, lottery, kings, queens, religions, and so on.

This is what we allow reality to be, a reality wherein we exist in constant fear of losing our money, because we know that the system will not take care of us if we do, people will reject us, society will reject us, because we all look down on those who have nothing, which is due to our consumerist mentality of desiring ‘more’ and ‘higher’, only respecting, admiring, liking and noticing those with money.

It’s a sad thing to realize that this is the world that we dreamed for ourselves, that this is apparently the best we can do. That we are apparently unable and incapable of stopping starvation, war and poverty, when this world is in our very hands. We glorify ‘the human’ so much, we see the human as ‘more special’ than all other life forms – if this is true then why can’t we seem to sort out this shit on our planet? If we are so ‘evolved’ then why are we so stuck in our current system that is spiraling out of control? - inevitably falling to its destruction, as its very nature as consumerism isn’t in fact practically livable, because we’re taking more than we give back, not realizing that there’s only one planet, so it will only be able to give what it receives.

In an Equal Money System, we will no longer HAVE TO work - we will work obviously to be able to produce what we need to in fact survive in this reality, but at a minimum, because consumerism will no longer be supported. So, looking at our current system, as what I described before, we may have a problem, because our ‘human nature’ that apparently ‘needs’ to consume, does not in fact correlate with what an EMS presents. What the current reality show us is that, in spite of all the stress, fears, anxiety, depressions, illnesses, poverty, abuse, war, and all other problems that we face in our world today, we do not see a reason to stop, we simply don’t seem to be interested in stopping and turning a new page, because apparently being able to consume is much more important than stopping the bullshit that comes with it, even if it means the destruction of the very planet that we live on, and much of the beings on it as well, and of our physical bodies that are being polluted from every angle.

How will the human handle equality? Is the human capable of accepting/living equality? Is the human able/willing to stop its destructive nature? – or will we continue to accept it as ‘our nature’?

It is time to truly honor our ‘human nature’ as beings who are able to create. Time to create heaven on earth instead of the hell that we have created thus far. Time for an Equal Money System that will respect and honor all life, to prove to ourselves that we are in fact capable of much more than consumerism.


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